Household Aluminum Foil

Household Aluminum Foil

As a professional household aluminum foil manufacturer, our household aluminum foil paper has passed SGS, FDA certification and the test of millions of kitchens, with reliable quality and excellent price.logo is customizable.

Certificate: FDA, SGS, QS, CFDA

Alloy: 1235,3003,8011.

Width: 5cm to 60cm.

Thickness: 0.006mm - 0.2mm.

MOQ: Generally, the trial order will be accepted.

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What is household aluminum foil?

Household aluminum foil is a kind of aluminum foil paper and it is often used in the kitchen, used to wrap food for heating, grilling, food preservation, freezing, etc., with excellent heat insulation performance and freshness preservation effect.Therefore, some people also call it kitchen aluminum foil, kitchen foil paper.

According to the thickness of household aluminum foil paper, household aluminum foil can also be divided into regular aluminum foil and heavy duty aluminum foil.

Household aluminum foil also known as:

  • Cooking aluminum foil
  • Aluminum foil for cooking
  • Aluminum foil for grilling
  • Aluminum foil for BBQ
  • Aluminum foil for baking
  • Aluminum tin foil

Household aluminum foil specifications

Xienuo is a professional manufacturer of aluminum foil paper in China. Xienuo can produce Reynolds wrap aluminum foil, Amazon aluminum foil paper, Walmart aluminum foil, ensuring good quality and good price.

The household aluminum foil produced by Xienuo has no joints, no burrs on the edges, clean, smooth, and no odor. We customize production according to customer needs.

The following is some household aluminum foil specifications we often make.

Customizable specifications
Item Value
Alloy 1235, 3003, 8011
Width 5cm to 60cm
Thickness 0.006mm~0.05mm
Length 1m to 1000m or custom
Color Silver, Colored
Packaging Color box in carton with metal cutter, support customization
Paper Tube 28/30/35/38mm
Plastic stand Optional
Type Food grade
Hot sale specification Thickness(mic):8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22
Width(mm):280, 300(12''), 450(18'')
Length(m):5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 150, 300, 500 or custom length
HS Code 7607119000
Logo and Design Customizable

Additional services: lamination, paper clipping, striping, cutting, coloring, printing, embossing, lamination with paper or plastic, etc.

Production standards: GB, EN, ASTM, AISI, JIS, DIN or other standards required by customers.

Product certification: CE, ISO9001, SGS, FDA, etc.

Packaging Accessories and Prices

Accessories and Packaging

Regular packaging methods: heat-sealing film packaging, bubble film packaging, colored paper packaging, and color box packaging.

Regular accessories: aluminum foil, paper tube, plastic holder, metal cutter, heat-sealing film, bubble film, coloring page, color box.

Different packaging methods use different accessories.
Accessories Heat sealing film packaging Bubble wrap Colored paper packaging Color box packaging
Packaging heat sealing film bubble film Colored paper Cardboard box/three-layer corrugated box/five-layer corrugated box
Aluminum foil
Paper tube
Plastic holder × × × optional
Metal cutter × × × optional
Outer packing carton
Wooden pallets optional optional optional optional

Price composition ratio

  • Net weight of aluminum foil: 80%-90%
  • Packaging(including cartons, wooden pallets, etc.): 2%-5%
  • Paper tube: 0.5%-2%
  • Plastic holder: 0.5%-2%
  • Metal cutter: 0.05%-1%
  • Labor and site: 5%-10%

Price calculation

Aluminum foil weight (without paper tube) = aluminum foil length * aluminum foil width * aluminum foil thickness * aluminum foil density

Aluminum foil cost = aluminum foil weight * (aluminum ingot price + aluminum foil processing fee)

According to the needs of customers, custom aluminum foil rolls, the cost of each material is different, and special calculation is required

In general, aluminum foil roll price = aluminum foil price + packaging cost + material cost (such as paper tube, plastic holder, metal cutter) + labor site cost + transportation cost (optional)

Why do the quotes I receive vary widely?

The cost of aluminum foil is almost transparent. Xienuo's quotation is composed of the actual cost and very little profit. We strictly follow the customer's needs and customize the production completely according to the size provided by the customer without cutting corners.ensure that the quality of aluminum foil rolls meets the testing requirements of SGS and FDA, and ensure that the net weight of aluminum foil has almost no tolerance (within 1%).

When the quotations you receive differ greatly, please confirm whether the net weight of the aluminum foil (excluding the weight of the paper tube) is the same. The most important factor in the quotation of aluminum foil is not the area of aluminum foil, nor the length or width of aluminum foil.

Xienuo's official quotation will list the cost of each item, so that customers can understand what our costs are.

Aluminum foil Performance Parameters

Which aluminum alloys can be used as household aluminum foil paper is generally considered from the strength and toughness of the aluminum alloy, anti-corrosion performance, thermal conductivity and processing performance. In general, 8011, 1235, 3003 aluminum foil jumbo rolls are commonly used to make household aluminum foil

Household aluminum foil alloy and properties
Alloy Temper Chemical Composition Physical Properties
8011 O, H22 Al: 98.0-99.0%,
Fe: 0.6-1.0%,
Si: 0.05-0.20%,
Cu: 0.05-0.20%
Tensile Strength: 125-165 MPa, Elongation: 2-5%,
Density: 2.71 g/cm3
Linear expansion coefficient : 23.3 - 24.4*10(- 6) (°C-1)
Thermal conductivity:223 - 239 W/m°C
Heat capacity: 0.88-0.95 J/g°C
Resistivity:27-37*10(-9) O hm.m
Melting temperature:645-660°C
1235 H18 Al: 99.35-99.45%,
Fe: 0.6-0.7%,
Si: 0.05-0.20%,
Cu: 0.05-0.10%
Tensile Strength: 95-125 MPa,
Elongation: 1-3%,
Density: 2.71 g/cm3
Linear expansion coefficient : 23.3 - 24.4*10(- 6) (°C-1)
Thermal conductivity:215 - 230 W/m°C
Heat capacity:0.82-0.91 J/g°C
Resistivity: 27-37*10(-9) Ohm.m
Melting temperature: 635-650°C

Note: The above table is for reference only and the actual chemical composition and physical properties of heavy duty aluminum foil may vary depending on the specific product.

What gauge is household aluminum foil?

The common specifications of household aluminum foil vary by different regions and producers, but in general, they are usually between 12 inches (30 cm) and 18 inches (45 cm) in width, and Xienuo's aluminum foil length can be customized according to the customer needs customization.

Common specifications include:

  • 12 inches x 50 feet (30cm x 15m) = 50 sq ft
  • 18 inches x 50 feet (45cm x 15m) = 75 sq ft
  • 12 inches x 130 feet(30cm x 40m ) = 130 sq ft
  • 12 inches x 250 feet(30cm x 40m ) = 250 sq ft
  • 12 inches x 500 feet (30cm x 152m) = 500 sq ft
  • 18 inches x 500 feet (45cm x 152m) = 750 sq ft
  • 24 inches x 500 feet (60 cm x 152 meters) = 100 sq ft
  • 18 inches x 1000 feet (45cm x 305m) = 1500 sq ft
  • 12 inches x 1000 feet (30cm x 305m) = 1000 sq ft
  • 24 inches x 1000 feet (60 cm x 305 meters) = 2000 sq ft

Of course, other sizes and lengths are also available, depending on your needs.

How is household aluminum foil paper produced?

What is heavy duty aluminum foil?

The thickness of heavy duty aluminum foil is usually thicker than ordinary household aluminum foil, often between 0.018mm and 0.03mm. The most commonly used thickness is 0.94 mils (24mic). Its use scenarios are relatively rich, and it can be used almost anywhere you want, including barbecue.

Heavy duty aluminum foil is thicker than regular aluminum foil, usually between 0.018mm and 0.03mm, while the thickness of regular aluminum foil is usually 0.008mm to 0.02mm.

Heavy-duty aluminum foil costs more than regular aluminum foil and has a wider range of applications

Four major differences between Heavy duty aluminum foil and Regular ones
Feature Heavy duty aluminum foil Regular aluminum foil
thickness 0.018mm-0.03mm 0.01mm to 0.02mm
strength Stronger Weaker
use High temperature occasions such as ovens and barbecues Daily use occasions such as food packaging and preservation
cost Higher cost Lower cost

Extra Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil vs Heavy duty aluminum foil

Extra Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil refers to a type of aluminum foil that is thicker than heavy duty aluminum foil.

Due to its thicker gauge, extra heavy duty aluminum foil is typically more durable and better suited for applications that require greater strength and durability, such as when baking meats or bread at high temperatures.

Four major differences between Extra heavy duty foil and Heavy duty foil
Feature Heavy duty aluminum foil Regular aluminum foil
Item Extra heavy duty aluminum foil Heavy duty aluminum foil
Thickness 0.003mm-0.2mm 0.018mm-0.03mm
strength More stronger Stronger
Uses Bake meat or bread at high temperatures or freeze at very low temperatures General high temperature, heating, baking
cost Higher cost Regular cost

How to choose aluminum foil

The thickness of the aluminum foil is related to the usage scenario. Different scenarios need to withstand different pressures, temperatures and weights, so the thickness is also different. Xienuo can custom produce household aluminum foil in different thicknesses, both length and width are optional.

Aluminum foil for grilling BBQ

  • Thickness: 0.02-0.03 mm
  • Application: In the kitchen or outdoors, for ovens, grills, for baking and cooking food
  • Applicable scenarios: grill, oven, microwave oven, rice cooker, freezer, refrigerator, etc.

Aluminum foil for baking and heating

Thickness: 0.01-0.018mm

Application: In the kitchen, it is used to pack food or other items, and can be used with air fryer and microwave oven to heat food

Applicable scenarios: air fryer, microwave oven, rice cooker, etc.

Aluminum foil for food preservation and freezing

Thickness: 0.009-0.015mm

Application: In the kitchen, used to pack food or other items to keep them fresh and prevent damage, also can be used to heat food

Applicable scene: freezer, refrigerator, use at room temperature


Is cooking with aluminum foil safe?

Yes, it is generally safe to cook with aluminum foil. However, it is important to use the foil properly and not to overuse it. When aluminum foil is heated, small amounts of aluminum can leach into the food, but the amount is considered safe by the World Health Organization.

Food grade aluminum foil

The raw materials of aluminum foil used by Xienuo are all food-grade aluminum foil, with a smooth surface, no burrs on the edges, and no harmful substances. Our aluminum foil paper has passed SGS and FDA testing and certification, ensuring safe use.

Non-stick neat and easy to clean

Household aluminum foil paper is non-stick, which can effectively prevent oil stains and help you solve the trouble of cleaning kitchen utensils or tableware.

Easy to tear and use

Xienuo's household aluminum foil paper rolls all include a metal cutter (except those without a color box), which tear neatly and beautifully, and are ready to use in a busy kitchen.

Versatile and recyclable

Household aluminum foil paper can be recycled and is friendly to the environment. It can be used for heat insulation, heating, moisture-proof, fresh-keeping, barbecue, etc. of food, and has a wide range of uses.

Which side of the aluminum foil should touch the food?

Household aluminum foil has two sides, one side is very shiny, and the other side is matte, so, how to use aluminum foil the right way?

Many people think that both sides are the same when using tin foil for the first time, and it doesn’t matter if you use it casually, but this is not the case.

When using tin foil, be aware that the matte side is for food contact, which means the matte side of the foil is non-stick.

If the food is wrapped with the shiny side, it is easy for the food to stick to the aluminum foil.

What is the difference between aluminum foil and wrap?

Aluminum foil and plastic cling film are both used to wrap food, and both can be used to prevent moisture, preserve freshness, etc. However, using aluminum foil to wrap food can be used for heating, barbecuing, and cooking.

Plastic cling film is more convenient and economical than aluminum foil. The purpose of wrapping food is to keep it fresh and moisture-proof. Plastic cling film cannot be used for cooking food like aluminum foil.

Can you put aluminum foil in a microwave?

You can put aluminum foil in the microwave along with your food and heat the food, but experts don't recommend this

First, aluminum foil is a thin metal that radio waves can penetrate, heating food. But aluminum foil is also metal, so there is a risk of sparks.

Some general rules:

  • Make sure the foil is smooth and wrinkle-free.
  • Keep aluminum foil at a distance (preferably at least 1 inch) from the walls and ceiling of the microwave;
  • If your microwave has a metal turntable or metal rack, do not use aluminum foil.
  • Cover only 1/4 of the food with foil to reduce fire risk and heat food thoroughly.
  • Do not put aluminum foil in the microwave for too long, otherwise the risk will increase

Can i put aluminum foil in the air fryer

Yes, aluminum foil can be put in the air fryer.

Aluminum foil can make the food heat more evenly, lock in the moisture of the food, and prevent the food from being scorched. It can also prevent food and sauce from sticking to the wall of the fryer pot and the bottom of the food basket, making it easier to clean up after use;

Especially for some foods that cannot be cooked directly in the air fryer, if there is no baking pan, it is also a good choice to use aluminum foil instead.

Can i wrap chicken in foil in air fryer

When baking chicken in the air fryer, you can put tin foil or not, but it is recommended to spread a layer of tin foil because this can make the chicken heat more evenly, prevent it from being burned and sticky, and the baked chicken will not be sticky. Chicken tastes better.

Is tin foil and aluminum foil the same

Starting in 1910, aluminum foil began to gradually replace tin foil. Therefore, what people now call "tinfoil" and "tinfoil" are often aluminum foil. From this perspective, tin foil and aluminum foil is the same.

But if we only look at the chemical elements and substances themselves, tin foil and aluminum foil are completely different, in terms of elemental composition, physical properties, and even uses.

Why choose us?

Introduction to Xienuo

Xienuo Enterprise is a professional household aluminum foil manufacturer in China. Compared with Reynolds wrap aluminum foil, we produce a full range of products from aluminum foil jumbo rolls to aluminum foil paper, with low cost and good quality. We support the customization of aluminum foil paper and can better satisfy customers of different needs.

Xienuo produces strictly in accordance with customer requirements to ensure that every household aluminum foil paper meets the requirements. We support third-party testing.

Xienuo's certificate

  • ISO9001
  • ISO9002
  • SGS
  • FDA
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