Cigarette Aluminum Foil Paper

Cigarette Aluminum Foil Paper

Xienuo's 55gsm cigarette foil is used in the inner packaging of cigarettes, also know as cigarette inner liners ,catering to long-term demands from PMI and BAT.Available in gold, silver, embossed, laser lined, laminated foil paper

Certificate: FDA, SGS, QS, CFDA

Grammage: 55±3 g/m2,Paper:35±1.5 g/m2,Foil:17±1.5 g/m2

Surface: Colored, Embossed

Color: Gold, Bright Gold, Silver or according to your needs

MOQ: Generally, the trial order will be accepted.

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What is cigarette aluminum foil paper

"Cigarette foil paper " means cigarette inner liner, also known as cigarette inner packaging foil. It is a special aluminum foil material used to wrap the tobacco and filter tip inside the cigarette to keep the shape and freshness of the cigarette, and at the same time, it can also play the role of moisture-proof, anti-oxidation and isolation of odor.

cigarette inner liner

Composition of cigarette foil paper

Cigarette foil paper is made by laminating aluminum foil and paper, so it is also called cigarette foil laminated paper, cigarette liners usually consists of three layers - paper layer, aluminum foil layer and adhesive layer


Cigarette lining aluminum foil paper heavy paper layer can be divided into two types: plain paper and specialty paper.

Ordinary paper usually uses high-strength tobacco paper, which has good adsorption and adsorption properties, and can effectively absorb moisture and odor in tobacco.

Special paper uses more high-grade materials, such as yarn paper, cotton paper, bamboo pulp paper, etc., to improve the taste and bottom of cigarettes.

Paper Specifications
item Value
Type Tobacco specific paper,Special paper(Yarn paper, cotton paper, bamboo pulp paper)
Paper Whiteness ≥75 %
Inner-liner Paper Grammage 35±1.5 g/m2
Size Thickness 0.0060mm - 0.0105mm
Width <1700 mm

Aluminum foil

The aluminum foil layer of cigarette foil paper is an important part of the cigarette foil paper, which has good properties such as moisture resistance, oxidation resistance, heat insulation, and odor isolation, and can protect the quality and taste of tobacco.

Usually 1235 aluminum foil and 8011 aluminum foil are used, and the thickness of the aluminum foil is 0.006mm to 0.009mm.

Foil Specifications
item Value
Alloy 1235 1145 8011 8111 8021 8079
Temper O
Inner-liner Paper Grammage 17±1.5 g/m2
Size Thickness 0.0060mm - 0.0105mm
Width <1700 mm


This is a key component in bonding the paper and foil together. It is usually made of a special glue or wax adhesive to ensure a strong bond between the paper layer and the aluminum foil layer.

cigarette foil paper

Customizable cigarette foil paper specifications

Xienuo is a professional cigarette aluminum foil paper manufacturer, we have a small amount of stock and can provide some samples for free, but in most cases, we customize according to customers' needs for cigarette aluminum foil paper.

Cigarette Foil Paper Specifications
item Value
Color Gold, Bright Gold, Silver or Customized according to your needs
Type Roll or Sheet
Surface treatment Colored, Mill finfished, Embossed
Grammage 55±3 g/m2
Thickness upon yours
Tensile Strength ≥18.75 N/15mm
Folding Strength ≥20 Times
Molding Degrees ≥30 Degree
WVTR ≤3.0 g/m2.24h
Delivery Moisture 6±2 %
Fluorescent Whiteness ≤1.0%
Eab ≤2.0
Width upon yours, normal from 80mm-86mm
Length 1500m-1800m for you choose
Inner Dia 76mm, special requirement acceptable

Customizable cigarette inner liner type

  • Colored Cigarette Lining Paper
  • Mill finfished cigarette lining paper
  • Embossed Cigarette Lining Paper
  • laser lined paper
  • Customizable LOGO cigarette lining paper

Aluminum foil backing paper price

The price of cigarette foil varies depending on factors such as supply and demand, material quality, thickness, width, length, etc. Generally, the cost of aluminum foil backing paper is composed of aluminum foil cost, paper cost, adhesive cost, labor and site cost, packaging cost and transportation cost.

Characteristics of cigarette inner liner foil

Barrier properties: Aluminum foil has excellent barrier properties, which can keep the aroma of smoke and prevent the smell of smoke from corroding other items.

High water resistance: Aluminum foil can block moisture, effectively prevent moisture, and prevent cigarettes from getting moldy in a humid environment and affecting the quality of cigarettes.

Non-toxic: Aluminum foil is a non-toxic packaging material, which can directly pack cigarettes and is harmless to human health.

Environmentally friendly and recyclable: Aluminum foil is a recyclable material that can be recycled to reduce resource consumption and environmental burden.

Cigarette aluminum foil paper manufacturer

High reputation

Xienuo has provided cigarette packaging materials for PMI, BAT and other internationally renowned tobacco companies for a long time, and has achieved long-term cooperative relations.


Xienuo provides a variety of aluminum foil solutions for cigarette packaging, including different colors, different printing patterns, laser aluminum foil and trans

Good quality

Xienuo's cigarette aluminum foil backing paper has been certified by sgs and FDA. The product is non-toxic and safe, so you can purchase it with confidence

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