1070 Aluminum Sheet

1070 Aluminum Sheet

Xienuo is a well known Aluminium 1070 Sheet manufacturer, 25 years of experience in ASTM B209 Aluminium Alloy 1070 Plain Sheets production,commonly temper: H12 H14 H16 H18 H24.

Thickness: 0.1mm-500mm.

Width: 20mm-2650mm.

Temper: O,H112,H12,H14,H16,H18,H22,H24,H26,H28,F,etc.

Surface : Bright, polished, color coating, hair line, brush, sand blast, embossed, etching, etc.

Standard: AISI, ASTM, DIN, JIS, GB, JIS, SUS, EN, etc., or according to your sample.

MOQ: Generally, the trial order will be accepted.

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1070 aluminum alloy has good processability, is easy to deep draw, spin and weld, and has excellent electrical conductivity. Due to its high purity, the strength and corrosion resistance of 1070 aluminum plate are relatively low, so it is not suitable for fields requiring high strength and corrosion resistance.

1070 aluminum sheet

Hot selling 1070 aluminum sheet plate

Xienuo can produce 1070 aluminum sheets plates with widths from 20mm to 2650mm and thicknesses from 0.1 to 500mm. Supports additional processes such as stamping, stretching, anodizing, plastic film coating, color coating, paper clamping, sand blast, embossed, etching, etc.

1070 aluminum sheet covered with plastic film

Xienuo has 25 years of experience in producing 1000 series aluminum sheets plates. In addition to 1070 aluminum plates, it also provides 1050, 1060, 1100, 1200 and 1235 aluminum plates. Welcome to inquire.

  • Alloy:1070
  • Temper: O, H112, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H28, F
  • Thickness:0.1mm-500mm
  • Width:20mm-2650mm
  • Regular width:1000/1220/1250/1500/2000mm/2650mm
  • Length: Up to 16000 mm
  • Regular Length:2000/2440mm/3000/6000/16000mm
  • Standard: AISI, ASTM, DIN, JIS, GB, EN, etc.
  • Surface : Bright, polished, hair line, brush, sand blast, embossed, etching, etc.
  • Finish :Mill, Customer specific finish
  • Aluminum Sheet/ Plate Coating : PVC Coated, Color Coated, Polyester, Fluorocarbon, polyurethane and epoxy coating
  • Type : Hot-Rolled (HR) / Cold-Rolled (CR) Sheet
  • MOQ: Generally, the trial order will be accepted.
  • HS code:76061199
  • Lead Time:7-35 days delivery, global export
  • Price Term: CIF CFR FOB EX-WORK or according to negotiation
  • Payment Term: TT, LC at sight or according to negotiation
  • Packaging and packing: Standard seaworthy export packaging. With protection(covering with brown paper and plastic film).
  • Supply Ability:10, 000 tons per Month

Standard specification for aluminium 1070 sheets

  • ASTM B209 - Standard Specification for Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Sheets
  • ASTM B632 / B632M -Standard Specification for Aluminum-Alloy Rolled Tread Sheets
  • ASTM B947 - Standard Practice for Hot Rolling Mill Solution Heat Treatment for Aluminum Alloy Sheets
  • ASTM B548 - Standard Test Method for Ultrasonic Inspection of Aluminum-Alloy Sheets for Pressure Vessels
  • AMS 4001 - Aluminum Sheet, 0.12Cu (1100-0), Annealed
  • AMS 4003 - Aluminum Alloy, Sheet, 0.12cu (1100-H14), Strain Hardened
  • AMS QQA250/1 - Aluminum 1100 Sheet

1070 Aluminum equivalent grades

EN AW-1070/Al99, 7 1070 A1070 19700 A91070 A99.7 A199.7

1070 Chemical properties

Alloy 1070
Aluminum (Al), % 99.7 to 100
Copper (Cu), % 0 to 0.040
Iron (Fe), % 0 to 0.25
Magnesium (Mg), % 0 to 0.030
Manganese (Mn), % 0 to 0.030
Silicon (Si), % 0 to 0.2
Titanium (Ti), % 0 to 0.030
Vanadium (V), % 0 to 0.050
Zinc (Zn), % 0 to 0.040
Other, each 0 to 0.03

1070 aluminum alloy product characteristics

  • Low density, good electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Good corrosion resistance and good plastic processing performance
  • Can be welded, such as gas welding, argon arc welding, spot welding, etc.
  • It cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, but its strength can be improved by cold deformation and annealing.


Basic properties

Density 2.7 g/cm3 170 lb/ft3
Embodied Carbon 8.3 kg CO2/kg material
Embodied Energy 160 MJ/kg 67 x103
Embodied Water 1200 L/kg 140 gal/lb

Mechanical Properties

Temper Thickness


Tensile strength


Elongation stress






O, H111 0.2-0.3 55-95 - >=15 18
0.3-0.5 >=20
0.5-0.8 >=25
0.8-1.3 >=30
1.3-25 >15 >=35
H12, H22 0.2-0.3 70-110 - >=2 26
0.3-0.5 >=3
0.5-0.8 >=4
0.8-1.3 >55 >=6
1.3-2.9 >=8
2.9-5.9 >=9
6-12.5 >=10
H14, H24 0.2-0.3 85-120 - >=1 31-32
0.3-0.5 >=2
0.5-0.8 >=3
0.8-1.3 >65 >=4
1.3-2.9 >=5
2.9-6 >=6
6-12.5 >=7
H16, H26 0.2-0.5 100-135


>=1 35-36
0.5-0.8 >=2


1.3-4.5 >=4
H18, H28 0.2-0.5 >=120 - >=1 40
0.5-0.8 >=2
0.8-1.3 >=3
1.3-4.5 >=4
H112 4.5-6.5 >=75 >=35 >=13
6.5-12.5 >=70 >=35 >=15
12.5-25 >=60 >=25 >=20
25-80 >=55 >=15 >=25
F 4.5-150 >=60 - -

Thermal Properties

Latent Heat of Fusion 400 J/g
Maximum Temperature: Mechanical 170 °C 340 °F
Melting Completion (Liquidus) 640 °C 1190 °F
Melting Onset (Solidus) 640 °C 1180 °F
Specific Heat Capacity 900 J/kg-K 0.22 BTU/lb-°F
Thermal Conductivity 230 W/m-K 130 BTU/h-ft-°F
Thermal Expansion 23 µm/m-K

Electrical Properties

Electrical Conductivity: Equal Volume 61 % IACS
Electrical Conductivity: Equal Weight (Specific) 200 % IACS

1070 Aluminum Sheet Heat Treatment Process

Complete Annealing

Heating to 390 ~ 430 °C;

Depending on the thickness of the material, the holding time should be controlled from 30 to 120 minutes

The temperature decreases at a rate of 30 ~ 50 °C/H. When the temperature of the furnace is cooled to 300 °C, then air-cooled.

Rapid Annealing

Heating to 350 ~ 370 °C;

Depending on the thickness of the material, the holding time should be 30 ~ 120 min, air or water cooling

Quenching and Aging

Quenching at 500 ~ 510 °C, air cooling;

Artificial aging was 95 ~ 105 °C, 3H, air cooling;

Natural aging-room temperature 120H

1070 aluminum sheet plate application

1070 aluminum plates are used in products that do not require high strength. Common application fields include 3C electronics, aerospace, construction, etc.

  • Electronic field, such as manufacturing mats and capacitors, tube isolation nets, wires, etc.
  • Aerospace field, such as aircraft ventilation system parts and decorative parts, etc.
  • Construction field, such as curtain wall materials, windows, doors, roof materials, ceilings, etc.

1070 aluminum sheet packaging


  • Plastic or kraft paper packages protect against moisture and rain and contain a desiccant
  • Packed in wooden pallets or wooden boxes and fixed with steel straps
  • Wooden pallets or wooden boxes have fumigation marks
  • Packaging according to customers' other packaging requirements

1070 aluminum sheet plate price

1070 aluminum sheet plate price calculation method: SMM A00 aluminum ingot price + processing fee + freight = 1070 aluminum sheet plate price (yuan/ton)

1070 aluminum plate aluminum plate weight (kg) = 0.00271 × thickness × width × length

SMM A00 aluminum ingot price: It is usually settled based on the aluminum ingot price on the day. It also supports the average price of aluminum ingots in the previous three days or the previous five days.

Processing fee: The processing techniques of 1070 aluminum plates in different states are different, so the processing fee is also different.

Freight: Under normal circumstances, we contact the freight forwarder to deliver the goods, or you can designate a freight forwarding company to deliver the goods. Shipping costs will be informed to you in advance.

Why choose us?

Xienuo Enterprise has focused on the R&D and production of cold-rolled or hot-rolled 1070 aluminum plates for 25 years. It has an internationally advanced "1+4" hot rolling production line with high production efficiency. The price of 1070 aluminum plates is competitive. Welcome to inquire! In addition, we also produce 1070 aluminum coils, 1070 aluminum strips, 1070 anodized aluminum sheets, 1070 color-coated aluminum sheets, 1070 color-coated aluminum coils, etc.

1070 aluminum sheet in stock

Our advantage:

  • Produced in strict accordance with customer needs and guaranteed quality
  • Support third-party inspection and video inspection
  • Complete return and exchange policy
  • Rapid production and short delivery time
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